Sonic Rush. (DS)

April 7, 2006

Sonic worked on the Mega Drive, many say this is because of the simplistic design or the appealing character, but the one aspect that’s never mentioned is the save system.Because of the save system, Sonic titles of late have all been stupidly easy, simply keep trying a level you get stuck on, or go back through the levels looking for the chaos emeralds. On the Mega Drive, Sega forced you to do this on one play through, collecting emeralds on your way; this gave the games a degree of challenge.

That’s not to say Sonic Rush is bad, far from it, it retains the usual hedgehog flair of high speed and twitch gameplay, but it’s just far too easy and short for its own good. The dual character system is also flawed, seen as both characters do the same things but in a slightly different order.

The game lasts (including emerald collection) under ten hours; if you’re proficient you can probably see the true ending within 5. And to top it off, the multiplayer is only an amusing distraction and only offers play for two players (when the advance games allowed four) and because the time attack has no reward, it is only good if you have friends ready to compete with.



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