World of Warcraft

July 10, 2006

What’s happening? I get a new laptop, it’s pretty swish as far as running games is concerned and I see my long since discarded copy of World of Warcraft sitting on my desk (I never really got into it, mainly because my old pc couldn’t handle Origrammir) and in a moment of curiosity I install it and renew my subscription, £8.99 for an interested reminiscience isn’t too bad. So I load up my old lvl 11 hunter on laughing skull and start to play, suddenly several hours have passed, I’ve attained a level and am entering the barrens for the first time. I close the game for the night, think nothing of it and go to bed. Suddenly I’m hooked, I wake up and get back on it, accepting quests and pressing on, an endless grind. ‘How is this so fun?’ I keep asking myself, but I continue playing none the less.

I’ve never been big on MMORPGs, I look for a role play experience but all I find are people LFG all the time, and I never find what I want. However, this time I’ve ignored those messages and played, there is something tantalisingly endearing about the adventure in WoW, something about the fact that things are not totally scripted that makes it a worthwhile experience. In no other game have I tried a mission, failed, been offered help from two real human players and thus completed the quest, to then bid them farewell but add them to my friends list for later, Or witnessing an allience druid run through the crossroads for several human horde players to give chase. If I had played the game, say, thirty minutes later that might not have happened. The game is unexpected, and through this it hooks you.

Sure everyone still yells LFG all the time, but I’ve learnt to ignore that, and I’m just about to hit lvl 18 now, so if you’ll excuse me…

(If you feel like dropping me a line, I am on Laughing Skull as Grouldas (Troll Hunter) or Moonglade as Dalagonash (Night Elf Hunter)


One comment

  1. WOW is good
    and why ant you talking to me seth

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