My Sister said…

August 10, 2006

I’ve never been compelled to write about the Wii before, probably because everyone else puts it perfectly, or because having not played one I do not feel able to comment properly. But my sister said something to me yesterday while we were going down to the cinema that I just had to write down, and those words were ‘I’m interested in the Wii’.

My sister, currently of the age of 22, has played a few games, but nothing to any extremes. She owned a NES and a SNES (both of which I later commandeered) but she has never been a big gamer, she did however get to the water temple in Ocarina of Time, so props for that. But in recent years she has been a fan of the eye toy, dance mats and bongos, and upon discovering how the Wii controls (by herself, not by me telling her) she has said that it interests her enough to warrant a purchase.

And this really hit me, Nintendo have actually done it, my sister claims that pc games and most controllers nowadays are too confusing, this was exactly what Nintendo where thinking when they designed the Wii mote. Hopefully there are more people in the same thinking as my sister, and if so, Nintendo are on to a winner.



  1. That’s the beauty of the Wii. 😉 The simplistic controls for people who think controllers are too complicated today, and yet they still manage to satisfy hardcore gamers.

  2. Woahness, thats pretty neat James. I think I bang on about it so much I ward people off! Ha!

  3. I think that when people see the console and what it can do, they will become intrigued. Even more so if they get a chance to play it.

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