World of Warcraft receiving yearly expansions.

August 29, 2006

It has come to my attention that Blizzard are intending to release expansions every 12 months for World or Warcraft, naturally I have some opinions, the main point being that these expansion packs are going to have to deliver, Blizzard have already proven that they can unleash new instances and incorporate features into the world map with simple patches, and thus expansion packs will have to be much, much more to warrant purchase.

Burning Crusade will offer two new races, a new continent, an upped up level cap (to 70) and flying mounts. Here is what I assume, and hope, future expansions will include:

-New Classes: Burning Crusade simply gives the other side access to the exclusive classes, this was a mistake. In future expansions, why not create new classes and potentially new side specific ones, such as battlemage, or thief. Classes that bear similarities to ones that already exist but feature other strengths.

-New areas: With each expansion should come a new continent, if not an entire continent then expand the current ones, these are the kind of things a simple patch cannot incorporate and thus should be main priority.

-Up the level cap each time: A simple thing, it gives players something to aim for as well as a purpose for new areas, a good way to keep people playing.

– New Skills: How can you keep a class fun to play? New skills! New things to experiment with.

– New Class’: There are still untapped races that could be played, such as the gremlins, or the pandas, and in failing new class’, then sub class’ such as dwarven undead, or any other creation Blizzard can come up with, variety is the spice of life.

These are just simply off the top of my head, but Blizzard is going to have to produce the goods if it wants to keep its players, and my money, with yearly expansions.


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