Internet gaming shows, any good?

October 19, 2006

There are a variety of game review shows cluttering up the internet, some good, some bad, some produced by major gaming sites but the majority by general gamers like you an me, here are my picks from the general public:
Consolevania: http://www.consolevania.com/

Still my favourite gaming show and one of the first I saw. Produced by a group from Scotland, the show combines humorous sketches with intelligent reviews, comedy can be of a sexual or offensive type (see XXX episode and sketches involving Hitler) however they are doing what they want to; provide a show for mature gamers with the freedom that only the internet can provide. Also worthy of note when talking about Consolevania is VideoGaiden, a show produced by the same team for BBC Scotland, very good granted that there isn’t as much freedom as Consolevania provides. A new series of this is starting on BBC Scotland in November, with half hour shows rather than ten minutes. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/tv/videogaiden/)

GameLife: www.gamelifeshow.com

Yes, the show started insanely ropey (however, this helped it gather a fan base) and is still of questionable quality. However, praise is given where it is deserved and the guys at GameLife have obviously tried their hardest and are getting better. The main problem that persists with the show are problems with the presenters themselves, Alex stutters in his reviews a lot, Dave’s voice isn’t the greatest and Andrew has an obsession with sitting down to review wearing shorts, Melissa is a more accomplished reviewer. However, they are all obviously gamers and know what they are talking about at least 75% of the time. The show favours more recent releases.
Mighty Justice Gaming Show: http://www.mightyjustice.net/

I like this show, mainly for its off the wall style. The show has lively presenters (for the most part) who frequently show off their passion for games, although some of their scores are a tad misguided (10/10 for enchanted arms?). However, the show works and is the only Aussie show I know of. The show frequently takes open digs at GameLife, which I think GameLife should openly comment on as the shows appeared at a similar time, which could create a fun tension between them. The show favours more retro reviews.

WhizzedOut: http://www.whizzedout.co.uk/word/

The most recent show I’ve found is based heavily on the Consolevania format, but works. The show features a lot of Consolevania’s ideas, 80’s music, sketches, comedic reviews with no score etc. However, the show is started to mould into its own style. The presenters lack the over the top enthusiasm of Consolevania, but are knowledgeable and have some funny ideas. I recommend this to fans of Consolevania or people looking for something a little different. Be warned however, they are long episodes with occasionally over long sketches (less so in episode 3).


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