What are Retro Studios going to do after Metroid?

November 29, 2006

Ah, Retro Studios. Currently they have developed and released two seminal titles, Metroid Prime and its successor Metroid Prime 2, and the third title Corruption is set to release next year.

However, this is also touted as the final game in the ‘Prime’ storyline, so what are Retro going to do after Metroid is over? Move onto another set of 3D Metroid titles? Or will Nintendo let them be a bit more adventurous.

If you remember, Nintendo stepped in and cancelled four of the companies projects (unnamed action adventure, Car Combat, NFL retro football and Raven Blade) to force them to focus on Metroid. Perhaps the company will look at Raven Blade again for the Wii, with the mote as your sword?

Or what are the chances of Retro doing a Silicon Knights and abandoning the big N? How much of Retro do Nintendo possess, if Nintendo can’t offer them the freedom to make the games they wantI could quite easily see them hoofing it.


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