Wii: SSX Blur

December 2, 2006

Well, it seems that EA continue to take the Wii by the horns and continue to surprise everyone with announcement after announcement.

After the surprising Wii Sims announcement (admit it, it looks awesome) here come EA with a brand new SSX game for the Wii.

Hopefully this game will be more in the design of SSX Tricky, rather than the more recent incarnations which feel the need to chamion the idea that bigger is better. Questions are still up the air as to how it will control, how hard tricks will be, how complex courses will be (the video only seems to have two alternate routes) but hey, it looks nice and cartoony and SSX games are normally pretty good. And naturally, it is early days yet.

For an idea of how the game might work, see its wheeled cousin.

Oh, and I wonder if we will see this sight again…

Mario in SSX on tour


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