Ben Justice is DML…

December 6, 2006

And DML is Ben Justice… And Ben Justice was at my house in the summer… That means…

DML was at my house in the summer!

I’ve just had one of those surreal moments, and I will explain it here to the best of my abilities:

DML is ‘Da Mighty Lizzimba’, a user on Games Radar forums, and host of the Games Guru World Cup which I took part in on Press Start. Today, DML messaged me on MSN asking if I knew about comic con, when I asked why he told me that his film was to be shown there, as such I enquired as to what his film was about. ‘DuPain‘ was the reply, the bread thing that I watched earlier this year which my sister had got me to watch, ‘watch this, it’s good, one of my friends helped make it’ she said.

Naturally, at this stage you can put two and two together, I knew DML lived in Cowplain due to his saying ‘ah, some local boys’ to me and Lavonkey who entered the Guru world cup with Cowplain as our hometown, and so I asked ‘do you know Claire Bowden?’ To which DML responded he did. And so I told him I was Claire Bowden’s brother…

Suddenly, the size of the world was resounded as Ben realised that he had seen me playing cards during the summer when attending my sisters summer BBQ, and that I had also seen him play Street Fighter on the Snes. Badly.

This was quite an astounding find and something I’m still mulling over in my head… Needless to say, next time I see him I shall say hi.


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