2006, my gaming awards go to…

January 2, 2007

These are the choices I have put on the Games Radar ‘Game of the Year awards 2006’ (note: This is a UK forum, as such certain titles were not released in 2006 that were released in America)

Overall Game of the Year: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Best Action/Adventure Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Best Fighter: Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSP)
Best Platformer: New Super Mario Bros
Best Puzzle Game: Tetris DS
Best Racing Game:
Best RPG: TES IV: Oblivion
Best Rythym/Music Game: Gitaroo Man Lives!
Best Shooter: Gears of War
Best Sports Game: Wii Sports
Best Strategy Game: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
The Oddball Award (games that don’t fit elsewhere): Viva Pinata
Import Game of the Year: Elite Beat Agents
Best Visuals: Viva Pinata
Best Audio: Viva Pinata
Best Multiplayer Experience: Wii Sports
The Innovation Award (software or hardware): Nintendo Wii
Biggest Disappointment of 2006: Gears of War
Developer of the Year: Rare
Publisher of the Year: Nintendo
Hardware of the Year (home or handheld): Nintendo DS
Games Magazine of the Year: NGamer
Games Website of the Year: Press Start Online
Top Gaming News Story of 2006: Nintendo name change of revolution to Wii.
Most Anticipated Game of 2007: Super Mario Galaxy

My personal selection for the best games of 2006 are as follows:

10. Gitaroo Man Lives! (PSP) I gave it a 9, and I stick by it. A title that had me glued to my PSP for a while, and one that I frequently grab again. Excellet music and addictive gameplay make it an awesome title. (Score – 9)

9. Elite Beat Agents (DS) Just beating Gitaroo man due to a superior challenge and the agents literally dripping charm as they dance to the tracks, as opposed to the occasionally whiney U1. (Score – 9)

8. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) When a game such as Animal Crossing finds the platform it was designed for, everything clicks into place. Making your town look good to impress wi fi visiters was addictive, and even though the wi fi was restricted, it still gave the game an essential social feel that was lacking with the GC version. (Score – 9)

7. Gear of War (360) Yes, it was a adrenaline rush, yes the live modes are a lot of fun but ultimetly the title is a very limited one. For me, the single player became tiresome on the third playthrough (with fights being predictable and too easy, yes, even on insane) and while Live is excellent, I have not had the ability to play it as much as I have wanted to, but what I have played was fun, even though it felt slightly shallow. (Score – 8 )

6. Wii Sports (Wii) If I had to describe fun in terms of one game, Wii sports would be it. The Wii mote changes these simple games into addictive tests of physical excersion (when played correctly) while the training, Wii fitness and want to reach pro status are god enough for the solo player, four player tennis or bowling is an unrivaled experience. All that, and it got my mum playing a video game. (Score – 8 )

5. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360, PC) Scope is something a lot of games dismiss (such as the linear Gears of War) but Oblivion is a game that uses a large scope to create an addictive playground for the player. Oblivion’s lush fields, tantilisingly hidden items, great visuals and amusing (if shallow) combat create an immersive fantasy world. However, niggles such as repetative mission structure, caves and ruins dampen the experience. But when a game is supported as well as Oblivion (download content, user mods) and has such brilliant sidequests (The Dark Brotherhood) it is a joy to behold, and a technical marvel. (Score – 9)

4-1 tomorrow


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