My Zelda Timeline

January 13, 2007

As with any Zelda timeline I have taken a large amount of artistic license when designing the timeline. This is mainly for my amusement and I feel it is a nice way for me to link the games up and imagine them as part of a large whole.

Pre Game-

Zelda 1 put into eternal slumber (as explained by Adventure of Link).

*1st Link*

Minish Cap


Opening cutscene talks of a different hero who became king (lacked hat). The Minish Cap appears to be the first time Link wears his green hat (at the end Ezlo gives Link a hat to resemble him (Ezlo) and says it suits him). No talk of the characters owning the Triforce or Ganon himself would reference this game being before Ganon.

This Link grows old as a hero of the land, meanwhile a woman gives birth to a young boy. Soon after, a war breaks out and the woman crawls into the forbidden Kokiri forest, and places the babies care upon the great Deku Tree. Sensing the boy’s destiny, the Deku Tree agrees to look after the child.

*new link*

Ocarina of Time

Link grows up in the forest, unaware of his future and his impact on the world, while the only male in the Gerudo tribe trains with his female mistress’ through his life (Ganon is substantially older than Link). Life continues as normal as two of the most influential figures on Hyrule’s future continue to grow. When Link is of the age of ten, Ganon (at this time a human and not in control of the triforce) hatches a plan to take the sacred power for himself. At this time the Deku Tree calls for a council with Link, and his fate is revealed. With gusto, Link battles to save Hyrule, however he accidently grants Ganon the Triforce of Power.

CHILD LINK TIMELINE – runs parallel with adult Link timeline below.

After Link saves the future, Zelda sends him back to his first meeting with herself, however the Triforce of courage is already owned by Link, as such power and wisdom have been granted to their rightful owners. Link warns the king of Ganon’s plan to overthrow the castle and thus Ganon is captured and the sages of Hyrule attempt to kill him. However, it was unknown to the king or the sages that Ganon possessed the Triforce of Power. Ganon kills a sage but is trapped in the twilight realm.

Majora’s Mask


Link ventures to look for Navi, his search leads him to Termina, an alternate dimension of Hyrule. Here he uses the Ocarina to save Termina from a deadly moon and an out of control skull kid. Link lives in Termina, trying to find a way back to Hyrule however it is not meant to be. He lives and dies in Termina.

*new Link*

Twilight Princess

Wolf Link

-Link ‘wears the clothes of the hero’ after he is dragged into a quest by Midna, the Twilight Princess. Link pushes back Zant’s oppressive Twilight and eventually comes face to face with Ganon, free’d from the Twilight realm through Zant’s anger. Link and Zelda defeat him, and with the master sword in Ganon’s gut, Zant kills himself thus severing Ganon’s power flow which enabled him to live in the world causing his body to visibly freeze up, his final fate is unknown but he thought to have died. The Master Sword is seen resting in its pedestal, the destiny of Ganon’s body is unknown. Link returns to Ordon to live a quiet life.

Oracle of Ages

-Gods realise that the split timelines are causing havoc, Nayru sets this test for the one considered the ‘hero’

ADULT LINK TIMELINE – runs parallel with child Link timeline above.

Link fights Ganon in the future, where he has taken Hyrule as his own. In this time Link is of an age when he may wield the sacred blade, which he uses to strike Ganon down with the help of the sages and Zelda. When Zelda sends Link back to his childhood, she takes the ocarina from him, severing his link between times and with this the Triforce of courage in this timeline shatters into many pieces.

With the Triforce of Courage shattered, Ganon’s seal is weak and he is able to terrorise the land. A new master sword is created but without anyone to wield it it is useless, The Gods flood the land and Ganon decides to bide his time.

*new Link*

Wind Waker


Link ‘wears the clothes of the hero’ (made famous by Ocarina Link) and struggles to save his sister. He then becomes mixed up with Ganon’s plot to recover the Triforce and while the king of red lion’s intentions are good, Link’s removal of the master sword leads to Ganon’s freedom from the sacred realm. Link eventually meets Ganon in a final battle, planting the master sword in his skull. Link and Tetra leave to find a new Hyrule.


Link’s Awakening

Link is separated from Tetra and her pirates during a freak lightening storm, and washes up on Koholint Island. During his final battle with the nightmares inside the wind fish egg, Link sees his worst nightmare in the form of beast Ganon. Link calms the wind fish and is released from its dream; he meets up with Tetra and continues his journey.


Phantom Hourglass


Link and Tetra are searching the world for a new land to reform Hyrule, while on this journey they are captured by the mysterious Ghost Ship. Link forges the phantom sword to defeat Bellum and rescues Tetra, they then find out that this was all an hallucination.

*ASSUMPTION* The characters of this timeline eventually create a new Hyrule.

Oracle of Seasons

-Gods realise that the split timelines are causing havoc, Din sets this test for the one considered the ‘hero’

*Time Line merger* (artistic licence is fun)

Upon passing the Gods tests, their divine will causes the two ‘heroes’ and both Hyrules to combine, their combination is required to confront Twinrova who had learned of the two existences of Hyrule through their witchcraft, the world becomes unstable and changes take place (such as races, Zoras, Gorons, replacing of Master Sword in the pedestal etc) but through the Gods swift work, none are the wiser, Link defeats Twinrova’s pitiful attempt at reviving Ganon and travels home.


The Legend of Zelda

Upon his return to Hyrule, Link finds his world in pieces after the Gods attempts to merge the separated times. During their meddling, the true Ganon has been revived and taken over old Hyrule, Link recovers the scattered parts of the Triforce of wisdom (broke by Zelda after her capture) and defeats Ganon, sealing him in the sacred realm. Ganon’s new appearance as a pig would be due to his revivees not having access to his body, as such he takes his ‘true’ form.

Zelda 2: Adventure of Link

Link is finally shown the truth behind the Legend of Zelda after his demonstration of true bravery to those of Hyrule, Link sets out to revive her but unfortunetly for him, the minions of Ganon are intent on his ressurection, and want to stop Link at all costs. Link revives Zelda, and the two princess’ set about restoring Hyrule to its former glory.

*new Link*

A Link to the Past

The opening story of sages sealing Ganon can be linked to the sealing of Ganon in the Twilight realm OR his sealing in the adult time of OoT, however after his escape from the Twilight realm, Link defeats him using the Master Sword OR his defeat at the hands of TWW Link. As the Master Sword is the bridge between the realms (taken from OoT) Ganon’s defeat in TP would allow him to slip into the sacred realm (something that could happen in both TP and TWW). Considering the sages are young girls in aLttP, and the story of the Triforce and sacred realm were lost a long time ago, it would be easy for Ganon to twist the sacred realm into his own land in the time he has had, Ganon also uses the trident of power which looks startlingly similar to the blade that the sages tried to kill him with in TP. Ganon has been supressing his powers for some time and amounts enough power to control Agahnim, a wizard in the light world, this new Link steps up to protect Zelda and Hyrule against an incredibly powerful Ganon, Link eventually overcomes his trials and defeats Ganon in the sacred realm.

Four Swords Adventures

Ganon tries to manipulate the oldest power in Hyrule, Vaati, to set him free. Vaati’s imprisonment has made him pretty mad, Zelda hears of the legend of the Picori sword and asks Link to use that rather than the master sword when she detects an evil force, as the master sword would open the sacred realm and release Ganon. Ganon does manage to release himself, having grown immense in stature through his lust for power, however the ancient power of the Picori sword proves to be his downfall as the four Links work together to orchestrate his defeat.

End current timeline…



  1. 3/5 this timeline is incredibly flawed, good luck next time.

  2. Well Done. Very Similar to mine and makes alot of sense. I believe Link Awaking to be after MM and before Legend Of Zelda though.

  3. WAAAHHH! Link dies in Temerina i thought he went into the forest and got back? Why do all the Zelda endings have to be so sad? I still think he didnt die in temerina he got back but im not sure if he found navi though…

  4. Tredhead, it’s my personal opinion. It makes the most sense in my eyes, don’t assume I said it and it’s now law ^_^.

    One of the fantastic things about the Zelda franchise, in my opinion, is just how up in the air the story is and that it allows for this much personal struggle to make sense of it. Some may see it as stupid, but I love doing it.

  5. Way to mix up the deities from Seasons and Ages. Din is in Seasons and Nayru is in Ages.

    And try reading the story for Link’s Adventure. It really couldn’t have taken place after The Hyrule Fantasy. It really just wouldn’t make sense. Of course, I’m still trying to determine where it should go. I mean, if you know anything about it, it states that the Prince declared that all princesses be named Zelda from then and out. Now, why would one of the last games in the timeline state that?

    What I believe between Seasons and Ages is that Seasons and Ages are in the same timeline, and Island of Dreams follows it. Seasons’ intro shows mid-day, while Ages shows Sunset. Ages follows Seasons. Then, at the end of the secret quest for Ages, Link leaves on a boat. On his way, he gets stuck in the storm, and ends up at the Island of Dreams, Koholint.

    So, my timeline goes something along the lines of…

    The Minish Cap -> Ocarina of Time (Moving to Adult Split) -> Wind Waker -> Phantom Hourglass -> Discovery of New Hyrule (perhaps game to come?)

    (Child Split of OoT) -> Majora’s Mask -> Twilight Princess -> Link’s Adventure -> Four Swords Adventures -> ALttP -> The Hyrule Fantasy

    Again, I personally just think of this as my rough draft for now.

    *The Hyrule Fantasy = Zelda 1
    *Link’s Adventure = The Adventure of Link
    *Island of Dreams = Link’s Awakening

    Yeah… I’m too obsessed :p but hey, I’ve been obsessed with the series since I was 4. That’s 13 years of an obsession…

  6. Zelda 2 doesn’t have to come early on, it merely states an interesting piece of history concerning why exactly all the princess’ are called Zelda.

    Regardless, Phantom didn’t fullfil the role I wanted. 😥

  7. Uh…I love Link =D
    Thanks for information.

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