Zeldathon day 1: The Legen of Zelda dungeon 1-4.

January 15, 2007

The Legend of Zelda, thoughts:

– Just finished the second dungeon (well, level as this NES classic likes to call it) and it’s highly combat based, with the majority of brainwork coming from manouvering the overworld. This surprises me as I’ve always thought of Zelda with puzzles over combat and, to play this classic and find that combat is the prominant feature is slightly disorientating. Another important factor is the lack of fanfare for boss’ however considering the technology this could be a factor. On to the third level! (If I can find it)

-Third dungeon, some block pushing puzzles! Hoorah! And the raft was contained within. The roots of Zelda are truly baring their teeth.

-Dungeon four was a surprising difficulty increase, and using the boss from dungeon three as a sub boss was evil. The games puzzles have still not developed from block pushing and enemy killing (and a little bit of room lighting via using the candle) however, the step ladder was the first dungeon completion essential item I have found inside a dungeon.

I think that shall be all for today, and I will continue my exploration of the original Zelda tomorrow!


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