Zeldathon day 2: The legend of Zelda

January 16, 2007

Dungeon 5 – well, I had nightmares with this dungeon, after having to read an FAQ to get to the freaking place (boo) I found it nightmarish considering the amounts of blue darknuts in two rooms! However, I took a break, played some Wario Ware then ate some dinner and beat the dungeon. Required item, pushy blocks and bombable walls, it’s all coming out now!

Overworld – did some wandering, worrying that there are no towns in Hyrule, but I got some hearts and found the power bracelet which gave me access to the shortcut system. I also found dungeon 6, walked a little way in and got slaughtered by several wizards and like-likes… Going to play some system link Gears of War now, the Zeldathon will continue tomorrow!


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