Zeldathon day 4: The Legend of Zelda, completion.

January 18, 2007

Dungeon 6 – well, that’s finally done. Key point I’ve learned from this dungeon: Fun is more important than infuriating difficulty. The blue wizrobes were hard, because they can spank Link quicker than he can move, and this led to a pretty infuriating dungeon. However, seein Gohma in her original incarnation was amusing.

Dungeon 7 – Nice little puzzle to get here and a puzzle that required me to leave the dungeon, in no other Zelda have I ever needed t leave a dungeon, but I felt it was a really nice feature. A more puzzle orientated dungeon with less annoying combat, how I like Zelda.

Dungeon 8 – Surprised at how easy the combat in this dungeon was, I say it’s mainly due to the magic rod. Although I feel sad because the other items are mainly going unused (beside bombs). But the whole, revisiting old boss’ was nice, but not as hard as anticipated.

Dungeon 9 – Hard… Until I obtained the red ring, Link absorbs damage now! that wierd bug spinny enemy is annoying but a good recurring sub boss, continuing later.

I had no idea about the magic key, ended up looking it up. Once I had that it was smooth sailing right up to Ganon’s door, and he went down without much trouble. Quite a pathetic final boss really! But that was the power of the Nes. Well, with Zelda down, the list of favourite Zelda games has the first entry that all others will be places around (detailed opinions later)

1.the Legend of Zelda.


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