Zeldathon day 6: Jump Ultimate Stars

January 20, 2007

Well, no Zelda today, considering I woke up at 12 and had work from 5 I decided to play Jump Ultimate Stars for as long as I could and I come away satisfied, it’s a suitably different fighter with more manga than I can ever hope to comprehend.

Sure, the Smash Brothers comparisons have root, but the game is much more about designing your koma panels so that you have a working team of characters, for example (being the Dragonball Z fan I am) I have Majin Vegeta as my main charcter (because I prefer his special attacks) but support Trunks is as vital to my combat as Vegeta himself, the huge amount of koma mean that combo’s are more about experimentation and personal preferance, and less about specific character inputs and it’s a design that I find surprisingly intriquing.

I intend to play through the J Galaxy mode, then replay it to unlock all the base koma, once I have the majority of them (there are over 800 different koma, however not all of them are for use in battle) in my possesion I will start designing a killer koma design… This game is quite addicting, import recommended.


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