Zeldathon Day 9: Link’s Adventure, Dungeons 3 and 4.

January 23, 2007

I’m warming to Adventure of Link the more I play it, the challenging, if sometimes unfair, combat is pretty fun to play and the world map has a lot to see. The way to game wants the player to interact with townsfolk to advance is also a nice feature.

However, I now have the items from Dungeons 3 and 4 and there is a distinct lack of iconic weapons, the bow being the most obvious, and the boomerang. Perhaps they are secrets, I do not know, but their inclusion would have made the combat better than it is. Add to this that the dungeons do feel like simple action platformers and the intricate dungeon design that, as a Zelda fan, I crave is slightly offputting.

However, as an RPG/action platformer slant on the series I am enjoying it. I will try again later to defeat the boss of Dungeon 3 and delve deeper into Dungeon 4.


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