Do I really need to spend £425 on a PS3?

January 25, 2007

First of all, I’m a student. There we go, that’s all the justification I need not to go out and blow the best part of a grand on a PS3 come March 23rd but, if I’m being totally honest, I don’t need one on launch. I’m looking down the games that are launching with the system and, considering I’m not a fan of racing games and that I already own a 360, there is not enough justification in buying one. The games I’m interested in, and the reason’s why I don’t need to spend £425 to play them are as follows:

Resistance: Fall of Man – It’s another FPS and, considering I cannot play games online while in halls, the game is even less desirable at £40.
Tekken: Dark Resurrection – I could go out and buy this on PSP.
Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – Still yet to purchase the 360 version.
Virtua Fighter 5 – Coming to 360.
Virtua Tennis 3 – Coming to 360 with added Live support for when I’m back on.

The other games that I consider good, I’ve already played through a while ago on another system, or they are downloads on the network (which I would not have access to).

And if that wasn’t enough, I don’t own a HD TV, surprisingly. So while I would be buying a cheap Blu-ray player, I would seem stupid to buy Blu-ray DVD’s to watch in standard definition. I would rather take £500 and purchase a HD TV to admire my 360 games on.

As such, I cannot justify the money on a PS3 at this point in time (even though i could afford one). Instead, I will bide my time for a price cut (in the same fashion that I purchased a PSP with a gig stick and two games for £200) and the release of several key games that I am genuinly interested in (being MGS 4, DMC 4 and White Knight Story primerily, oh and anything by the ICO team).


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  1. Yeah your not the only one, im always first to get the next new best thing, and to me the PS3 is an overpriced Blu-Ray player no one wants.

    It’s a shame(not for some) to see Sony struggle to the degrees they are, but to be honest they have brought it on themselves, and then to charge europeans an extra £110 than anywhere else that’s just a slap in the face and a kick in the balls, It’s easy to the resentment.
    Most folks are going 360 and Wii or both, M$ have done nothing but help developers with tools and advice and Nintendo are taking it back to the olden days, where as Sony are just arrogant assholes.

    Nice to find your blog, i shall check back.

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