Zeldathon day 13: The Adventure of Link completed. Grinding should not exist in a Zelda game.

January 28, 2007

Dungeon 6: still, lots of combat. Combat combat combat. Aside from the one room which recurred (ala the lost woods and mountains in Zelda) but really, this Zelda is so combat heavy it makes my brain melt out my ears.

Then… After dungeon 6 came the horror that was grinding, in a Zelda game. Now, I don’t like grinding in RPG’s at the best of times, and having to grind Link several levels because I had been destroyed in the final dungeon several times by the boss, this was a boring excercise in repetative gameplay that felt, simply, annoying.

Dungeon 7: The final palace, and it staples The Adventure of Link’s place as a action platformer. It really is all it is, that said… I was fairly ecstatic when I defeated dark Link, as can be seen here…

Anyway, with that the list of best Zelda’s looks like this:

1. Zelda

2. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

And with that action platformer out of the way, it’s on to A Link to the Past. Huzzah!


One comment

  1. “Own the screen” eh? I really wasn’t mentally ready to see that! ‘Fraid I have not the time to read all of Zeldathon right now, but sounds like a great use of Uni time! I’ve just finished my marking cos I was too busy LARPing it up today to do any work! I am now the Lady of an entire citadel on account of Dan getting his mind raped by a mage…more on that later!

    Half term is in 2 weeks-you busy? Will you be done playing Zelda by then?!

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