Zeldathon day 14: 1:40 with A Link to the Past.

January 29, 2007

Wow, is the only word to express my feelings after the jump from the NES to the SNES. If only because I’ve been trapped playing the Nes games for two weeks, the SNES game feels totally fresh and in a league of its own. The gameworld is richer, the characters are more distinct, the world feels like a world, the dungeons are smarter, the items better. It’s where Zelda truly starts…

The main improvement: moving diagonally. It makes Link far more versitile than I would have imagined (only playing games from LttP onwards before) and it makes fighting funner for a start. Anyway, breakdown:

Castle: pretty straight forward but a great intro to the cleverer game that is aLttP, the lantern is handled better and your objective is ten times clearer than before. The boomerang makes an early appearance and Zelda’s lullaby sent shivers down my spine, and bombable walls for later investigation, this is the ground work for Zeldas to come. After a little overworld exploring…

Dungeon 1: Not as big as I remember, but due to the technical upgrade from the NES, the dungeons are much more alive with multi tiered rooms, traps, big key and bigger, more immpressive boss’. Also, more impressive enemies that tower over Link themselves. Some neat block pushery and bobable walls are very Zelda 1.

More overworld exploration leading to…

Dungeon 2: Sandy and again, not as big as I remember but still feels far more Zelda than the Nes games. The boss is fun as well with the sand monsters leaping out and attacking Link.

A climb up Dath Mountain leads to…

Dungeon 3: The technical advantages really come into play as this multi floored dungeon features puzzles requiring link to fall down holes to previous floors as well as hit ‘buttons’ to alter the blue/red blockers, and the boss is large and fun to beat (worm).

After obtaining the master sword, the climb to tackle Aghanim is fun and shows where the sword tennis originated.

Anyway, I’ve decided to leave it here, surprised at how much I remembered but also how small the dungeons are thus far, I’ve done some minor overworld exploration, got two bottles a net and one full heart extra as well, but this is Zelda as Zelda should be. I can’t wait to play some more into it.


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