Zeldathon day 15: A Link to the Past has a lot of dungeons.

January 30, 2007

Passed two more dungeons today so..

Dungeon 4: The first Dark World dungeon is a fairly typical stuff however, it is good fun to see the entrance the same (pretty much) as the first dungeon which rests in the same place, excellent design. The hammer is good, I like flipping the previously invincible enemies. This dungeon also had me retracing steps and missing items quite a bit which made it a little longer than it perhaps should have been, still, good stuff. And the boss is nicely big and fun to take down.

Took a trip to Zora river to get the Flippers then it was on to Dungeon 5…

Dungeon 5: opened with a lovely dark world/light world cross over puzzle, and then it was a fairly typical dungeon with some water puzzles but nothing to write home about. The boss was nice as well, and he had what I would break down as ‘two forms’. Probably the best boss in aLttP so far.


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