Zeldathon day 16: A Link to The Past

January 31, 2007

Dungeon six – I will admit to this dungeon being a minor head job, the way it had multiple entrances was inspired, falling in from above and what not. The boss and item were unimaginative bu in terms of design the dungeon was a step ahead, brilliant stuff.

And then I explored, for an hour or so, and it was brilliant. It has the same feeling as later games in that you an wander and find all umber of useful items, I aquired 1/2 magic use, two medallions, an ocarina for warping, increased my quiver and bomb bag amounts and 1 and a half hearts just wandering around Hyruleand it was a lot of fun. A Link to the Past has really held up today, just get it on Virtual Console if you have yet to play it as it’s fantastic.


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