Zeldathon day 19 – Completion of aLttP and LA

February 3, 2007


Dungeon 10 – urtle rock was made good fun due to the moving platforms and massive warp pipes which zoomed you around rooms. The best aspect of the dungeon was the boss, requiring the use of both elemental canes and swift movements. The best boss in aLttP? Yep.

Dungeon 11 – Ganon’s tower was pretty standard puzzles, and the reprise of the first three boss’ was a bit weak, even the toughened up Aghanim was quite pathetic.

Then I tried Ganon… But I couldn’t wound him! So I spent a while exploring to gather the required tools (level 3 sword, upgraded bow) and went to kick his arse. Again, an easy battle.

It was followed by the most sugar coated ending to a game EVER. I don’t know but personally, I found it too nice with everything corrected, some people may feel highly satisfied that their actions had such dramatic emphasis on the world, but I’m not one of them.

Zelda list update!

1. A Link to the Past

2. The Legend of Zelda

3. Link’s Adventure

Link’s Awakening:

Once I was past the jarring visual change, it was evident that lessons had been learned and taken from aLttP and put into inferior software. However, what has been created on this inferior software is stunning.

Dungeon 1 – After minor exploration, this simple dungeonreared it’s head. While the map design is more akin to the Nes Zelda, the rooms have a very aLttP feel about them withmore intelligent puzzles and more interesting enemies. The Roc’sfeather is also the best item yet in 2D Zelda, opening up combat techniques previously un thought of. The boss, a rematch with the large worm from aLttP was basic but fun.

Now, when you go back to town you are greeted by the children talking excitedly about an attak on the town and this was when LA clicked with me, the script is very well done and the characters highly likeable. Once I’d found bow wow from the mini dungeon it was on to…

Dungeon 2 – nothing outstanding again, and while the power bracelet is slightly annoying, it is a neccessity due to the GB’s lack of buttons. The boss, however, was satisfyingly clever in comparison to the hack and slash boss’ of all previous Zelda’s.

Dungeon 3 – The pegasus boots are great here (actually a tad easier to use than their aLttP equivalent) but it’s the combination of pegasus boots and roc’s feather that propel LA higher again as a step forward for Zelda in terms of being ‘smart’. That said, the boss was fairly obvious and forgettable.

Dungeon 4 – Flippers! Including the ability to dive and thus dodge attacks, sweet. Yet again, this game proves itself to be a learned experience over aLttP. The boss was also brilliant, a side on confrontation underwater with an angler fish, nice.

Dungeon 5 – The hookshot is basic buisiness but the boss was great fun, having to drag him out of his hiding holes so you could slice him up.

Dungeon 6 – More powerful bracelets! standard affair then, and while the boss was pathetic the way he pleads for Link to stop his actions is a great touch.

One of the best things about this game is it’s sense of character and quirky aspects, the use of Mario characters, the side on sections, the bizarre messages. Also, this game features the first trading quest (the message from the goat featuring the princess peach picture was a laugh out load moment) and the Marin character is brilliant and shows the first character in a Zelda that it is easy to care about. So many great things in a handheld game.



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