Zeldathon day 20 – LA completion

February 4, 2007

Dungeon 7 – This dungeon has far and away the best dungeon design from a 2D Zelda game, the way you have to fall down to areas below is fun but knocking the pillars out to bring the fourth level onto the third is inspired, and the boss is pretty fun as well.

Dungeon 8 – Turtle rock, pretty nice location (is it lava or what?) and fairly confusing, I would say that this dungeon is also funner than most other 2D Zelda dungeons.

Final Boss – The best thing about this boss? The way it requires you to utilise practically all your items to defeat it, and the way it has multiple forms. A truly epic finale followed by a satisfying ending.

Now, LA in terms of my favourite Zelda games… It has to be above the three games that came before it really, it improves on aLttP in terms of characters, story, dungeon design. The way the boss’ speak to you and tell you your making a mistake, the way Marin warms to Link and then you make her, and everyone else you may have liked, disappear for good is slightly emotional and great for a Zelda game. LA stands as proof that when Zelda tries something different, it really works amazingly.

Top Zelda List:

1. Link’s Awakening

2. A Link to the Past

3. The Legend of Zelda
4. Adventure of Link

And so, it’s onto the first 3D outing for the series with Ocarina of Time…


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