Zeldathon day 21: Ocarina of Time

February 6, 2007

I started Ocarina of Time today, and made a fair slice of progress. The change back to the ‘thou’ language and talk of Hyrule under siege and the power of the Triforce is quite jarring after the joyous quirky nature of Link’s Awakening, however this is OoT, so I played it.

Dungeon 1 – the thing I never noticed about this dungeon is it’s brilliant way of easing you into playing Zelda in 3D, the subtle way the dungeon is based on moving up then judging a jump to the bottom, the initial slingshot puzzle in which you need to bring a ladder down to use, it’s far better crafted than I could appreciate before. The boss, while easy, also takes advantage of the extra dimension by moving up there after taking damage.

I like the bit in between these dungeons, awesome stealth action for a while, but it’s not really that long at all.

Dungeon 2 –  Again, more puzzle orientated than combat, as I feel the majority of Ocarina of Time is after playing the original Zelda games, opening the huge Dodongo mouth is an ace target for the dungeon, something that none of the 2D dungeons could convey.

Again, a nice bit of exploration between dungeons, nothing too stenuous before…

Dungeon 3 – Nothing really to say apart from the way this Zelda has three opening dungeons without keys, I thought that was nicely refreshing. The boss is standard ‘use the item to whup him’ nothing spectacular.

Dungeon 4 – The forest temple is ace, from the windey tunnels to the poe tracking, I love this dungeon. However, the Stalfos lose the ‘bomb their corpse’ afterkill. I love the boss as well, classic tennis action.

Dungeon 5 – the fairly linear Fire Temple is probably the most boring OoT Temple, and the boss is easy but oh so spectacular. However, I forgot to mention, I like the way you complete the forest temple and the kokiri forest returns to normal, and as you play the fire temple goron village fills up again, it’s a nice reward and really shows progression.

Tomorrow it’s the Water Temple then… *sigh*


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