So, Manhunt 2 on Wii.

February 7, 2007

So, the sequel to one of the most violent games ever is coming out on a Nintendo system, my two cents? Well, primarily I’m happy, but it’s not that simple.

First thing is first, I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the Wii is going to be receiving a ‘sloppy seconds’ version of the PS2/PSP versions, however I have to point out that the Wii version is being developed in a separate studio to the Playstation iterations, this was the first thing that made me look up and pay attention, by being developed separately from the pad versions, the Wii version should be free to develop Wii specific ideas and become refined for the motion control system, rather than feeling like a rubbish port (hello Ubi Soft).

So, with my initial worry cleared up, I was back to thinking about, simply, Manhunt on Wii. Simply put we have an excruciatingly violent game with motion control, you’ll be stabbing, gouging, suffocating and all other manner of morbid activities with your hands and the main question is whether or not this pushes down the barriers too much, I think a lot of people will feel quite sick while performing some of the more vicious actions but the main worry is the more impressionable players that will think ‘stabbing in a game wasn’t hard’ and would they perform the action in real life?

No, if I’m being honest, as long as Rockstar can keep the barriers of reality to virtual reality firmly in place, people will not turn into psychotic killers after playing a game. The people that are most in danger of recreating the actions in real life are children, who shouldn’t be playing the game in the first place. Age ratings are there for a reason, and this game will be the game to emphasize this to retailers and parents alike.

 So, the second point is the impact this has on Nintendo’s kiddy image. It will certainly be controversial, but I don’t think one Manhunt can make up for eight repetitive Mario Party’s to most gamers, whether the same can be said about the general public is yet to be seen.


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