Zeldathon day 23 – OoT completed.

February 8, 2007

Dungeon 7 – A bit of a two parter, under the well as child Link is standard stuff but the main Shadow Temple as Adult Link is pretty good. Lots of lns of truth turning on and off, as well as hover boot/iron boot puzzles. Overall, a very good dungeon with some nice design (bombing the statue to create a bridge for example). The boss, Bongo Bongo, seems pathetic nowadays. But fighting on a drum is cool.

Reaching Dungeon 8 is fairly long, first the gerudo fortress must be snuck into, carpenters rescued and then you have to traverse the desert. All nice, then the temple is split into child and Adult sections, the dungeon comes alive, in my opinion, as an adult when you get the mirror shield but there is not enough done with it in my opinion. The sense of character in this dungeon is nice however, rescuing Nabooru from the witches. The witches also create potentially the best boss in Ocarina of Time, good item use and a funny ending.

And then Ganon’s tower, I like the way this dungeon tests you in all the previous areas before ascending to fight Ganon, makes a nice change from rehashing boss’. And then Ganon himself, this battle feels so epic, especially Ganon’s final form and then the kill by face stabbing. Good stuff, and a great finale.

And the credits? As you may remember I dismissed aLttP’s as being ‘sugar sweet’. And Ocarina’s? Well, they have that same ‘everyone is happy that the world is saved’ feel, but Mido and the Zora King help to give it a more realistic edge, that people lost things in the war, and that is what brings this ending down t reality and makes it a good ‘un.

So, where does Zelda slot in on the list? At the tippedy top, naturally. It may not be as quirky as LA but it is extremly epic, and in my opinion, has a great number of sidequests (including two trading quests) to keep the player occupied. That and the move to 3D only made Zelda more intelligent, and the game has a heavier puzzle focus (which I like) than the 2D games.

1. Ocarina of Time

2. Link’s Awakening

3. a Link to the Past

4. The Legend of Zelda

5. Adventure of Link


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