Zeldathon day 24 – Majora’s Mask.

February 9, 2007

Now, this game is an odd one. Just playing through the dungeons may not be enough because the sidequests are the true meat of this game (although the main quest is sizeable) so I will probably take time out of the quest a lot. Anyway, on with the show.

The thing I like about this Zelda, is that is throws you in at the deep end, Tatl isn’t as obtrusive as Navi and the story is genuinly wierd and quirky. Take, for example, the overly bright observatory, colourful and joy filled areas like this perfectly contrast the massive evil moon that is looming over you head, from a design standpoint this game is a different breed to other Zelda games, maybe with the exception of LA.

So, once Link takes huan form again, the adventure truly starts and initial thoughts are how bustling and life filled Clock town is, the more cluttered field design is more akin to the 2D games and the feel has a great ‘familiar but different’ feel, such as the mountain which you have never seen before but through the use of the Death Mountain cloud, it seems familiar.

Once I had rescued the witch and stealthed my way to the monkey, I got to the first dungeon proper and again, there is no messing around really. From the dungeon you have to tackle sub boss’ that require deku scrub to Link switches, arrows through flame puzzles and a fairly vicious boss. All this and Tatl feels more natural than Navi, beautiful.


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