Zeldathon day 25 – Majora’s Mask day 2.

February 10, 2007

What did I spend my second day with Majora’s Mask doing? Side quests and the second dungeon, that’s what.

I can’t play Majora’s Mask without falling prey of the distractions around Link, the bustling Clock Town with it’s many locales to add to the Bombers notebook, and subsequently help is a brilliant task, so I did some of them before getting back on track and traveersing Snowpeak.

Dungeon 2 – after getting into this dungeon, it kept me occupied for a further hour, it’s small but brilliantly designed with some lovely puzzle, especially the ‘pillar’ in the middle room. And the boss, Ghot, is fantastic as you speed after him as a Goron ramming him while grabbing magic and avoiding attacks is an extreme rush. A very solid Dungeon.

Here’s another point I think is brilliant about Majora, the streamlined collection tasks. The stray fairies are kept to the dungeons, and this is a much better design choice than the Gold Skulltula’s of OoT in my opinion, as the fifteen fairies per dungeon are in that dungeon, it means that it is easily achieveable without a guide. Jut one thing I prefer about MM.


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