Valentine’s Day – The best Gaming Couples.

February 14, 2007

The Best Gaming Couples.

Stuck for Valentine romance or after sharing a game with your other half? How about playing as some of gaming’s best couples, or maybe getting your other half in on the fun. So with that, I’ll take a look at some of the best couples in gaming.

Ico and Yorda:

Ico and Yorda

No gaming couple are as subdued as the duo from this Playstation 2 classic. Trapped in a castle, Ico breaks free of his prison and finds the helpless Yorda trapped in a cage. Being the kind spirited youth he is, it’s up to Ico to guide Yorda out of the castle. While not the most openly romantic of companionships, the growing trust between them and the connection that grows between Ico and Yorda is more than enough to warrant them a position as one of gaming’s best couples.




Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen:


The duo of the Resident Evil prequel story are not the most obvious of couples, from Billy’srebecca rude opening comments (‘been fantasising about me?’) you wouldn’t expect Rebecca to have a weak spot for the man. However, it would only be a mad person to hold a grudge after being saved from demonic leech’s and oversized insects to name but a few from the list. While Chris’ introduction may have been more fitting for a hero (blasting a Hunter away as it walks menacingly towards the damsel) Rebecca’s worried stutter at the closing moments of Resident Evil Zero suggest more than mere friendship towards the hard as nails Billy.

Anju and Kafei:

KafeiThe stars of the couples mask side quest in Majora’s Mask, these two have had their lovAnjue disturbed by evil magic, and Kafei has gone into hiding (not exactly the Romeo type). And so, rather than use his extensive past travelling abilities to woo Romani (being a time traveller, Link could learn all the necessary information), he sets out to bring their love together again just before the world is destroyed. Link works as a run between before adventuring to Ikana Canyon to clai back the sun mask from the thief, helping Kafei through a series of tricky puzzles on the way. Link’s reward is simply a mask, which has no real importance (apart from allowing him to obtain the Feice Deity mask later) so it’s really in the name of them being happy. Everyone together now… Aw!


Jonathan and Charlotte:


The vampire slaying duo from portrait of ruin on the DS, their awkward relationship is viewed as purely professional but, as with Rebecca and Billy, when you see someone kill Death with a whip, I’m sure it would give you butterflies. Try playing with the two characters on the screen at once for as long as possible, busting out combo moves all over the castle and it will be obvious that these two make a dynamic couple. You can even play through the co op stages with that special someone. Nothing like some vicious monster slaying to set the mood…

Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago:

Come on, if these two are not gay then I don’t know what. The stars of Gear of War only ever separate on about three occasions, and even then they are no more than ten meters from each other and they frequently share in Locust chainsaw massacres by the moonlight. Not even that, the only female character in the game (Anya) never has a pass made to her from any of the male characters. And who else would break you out of jail personally but your gay lover. Just don’t tell a friend why you want to play co-op if it’s after reading this, he might get the wrong impression. And don’t get me started on Baird and Cole.Gays.

So, any others to add?



  1. I thought this was gonna be funny!!! Boo, J, poor effort!

    (PS, did get home fine, just couldn’t be aresed to text! Has Danny calmed down yet?!)

  2. how about Link and Midna from the brill game zelda twilight princess

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