February 17, 2007

Well, I said opinions to follow so here they are:

I loved the visual style, that’s the first comment and I think it’s the first thing most people would comment on. As you run around the field, seeing the swirls of the wind while running past animals with flowers trailing you was a great visual experience.

My main problem with the game was that I felt the story was mildly disjointed at certain times, and that I felt forced to follow it. However, it was filled with nice characters. I was constantly being told to go here or do that, that I didn’t want to take time to explore the world. I know this is a personal thing but in a title like Zelda, I feel that there is a goal but I never feel under pressure and thus taking some time out isn’t a problem. However, if I was to play again I would willingly take time to poke around.

So, the game itself. I have to say that to start with the combat felt weak, but with additional weapons (and the sub weapon option) as well as more brush strokes which led to slightly more complicated enemies, as such the combat become something wholey enjoyable by the end, which is always nice. however, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the arena style the game had because I felt it made the enemies feel seperate from the world itself, but I lived with it.

As for the dungeons, I didn’t think they got very challenging until the last few, but they were fun. The more ‘context sensitive’ brush effects (like water, fire or lightning) made certain puzzles more obvious than they woul have been

And the boss’? Pretty good stuff overall. However, standouts include the last boss which was ace and the ninetails because it could draw as well as you meaning you felt pressured.

So did I ultimetly enjoy Okami? Yes, very much so. The story carried extremely well as a whole, the combat was fun and the dungeons were ok (but not as complex as I would have liked). In my opinion, it’s a 9.


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