Crackdown again!

February 24, 2007

Yea, so I’ve been playing even more Crackdown so what, it’s awesome!

I’ll tell you one of my favourite things about it, the mission structure. The way the game doesn’t give you missions per sae, but instead allows you to coe in conteact and then seemingly says ‘do them when you want’. And then, if that wasn’t enough, the variety that you can use in tackling a mission is nice enough that a player can do it how they want. Take me for example, I carry around a sniper and a rocket (for sticky situations). I normally move around the rooftops or high spots near the generals hideout, snniping guards and then I go in with melee’s going everywhere to reach, and kill, the general. Now take my friend, he carries a shotgun and machine gun most the time and goes head first at enemies, using ground cover while mowing them down. You could even use a vehicle if you so wanted to mow people down, or a pistol and go for headshots. Then there are alternate points of entry to bases due to your jumpng abilities as well as secret caves etc.

So yea Crackdown is pretty awesome. Apart from the voice, that guy sucks.


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