Lost Planet

March 3, 2007

My thoughts on this title then?

Well first of all , the VS suits are fun to ride in. Their guns are big and chucky and the later ones move pretty swiftly around making combat pretty fun. Which is why ithurts me that so much of the game is on foot, because it is painfully slow and the combat is boring. If the VS suits were not there, and Wayne moved a tad faster, it would be ok but because of his sluggish nature and the fact the VS suits are there I just want to be sat in one blasting things away.

The other thing that rocks in the game are the boss’, large creations that test the memory in a very old school way, and they always give you a VS to fight them with. It’s when you lose the VS, you feel helpless but it is nice that Wayne can finish them off on foot meaning that loosing the VS doesn’t feel like the end.

I felt that the game picked up around mission 5 or so because the VS suits were becoming more regular, not to mention more efficient.

As for T-energy? It helps with the games old school feel, with T Energy acting as a timer and collecting more extending it. It’s good, I just wish VS suits didn’t drain it so fast.

So yea, Lost Planet is a solid slice of fun but nothing amazing. a more VS suit orientated focus and less of the on foot melarky and it could have been something special. Oh well.


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