Sonic and the Secret Rings thoughts.

March 4, 2007

Well, I saw off the final boss today so I think that’s a good enough slice of the game to collect my thoughts.

First, the single player. First thing’s first, the game feels like a complete package what with the mission variety, sonic’s varied skills and the medal system lead to a meaty single player package (especially if you like trying to achieve everything a game has to offer). Alongside this, the game feels right with the wii remote, with Sonic responding correctly to all the actions pretty much all the time. However,on some occasions the levels felt awkward (mainly due to the camera being too far up Sonic’s arse) and I was hitting things without prior warning, requiring memorization to pass them. Also, to start with the game feels fairly weak until you startamassing a large assortment of skills, as I found going back to an early level with an extremly advanced skill set to be a lot of fun but I realise some people may give up before reaching this point which is a shame, because the game really starts feeling exciting when you are medal chasing. And a special huzzah for the boss’ who felt (with the exception of the Ifrit) well designed and were good fun to fight, i an old school way.

As for the multiplayer? Well, it all feels very Mario Party lite, but it’s a more solid approach than Monkey Ball’s ‘pick three games and see who wins’. Also, they only require the remote which is brilliant, and I hope Mario Party does as well or at least gives you an option to play only remote games, as I don’t have the ability to fork out for all those nunchucks right now. As for the games themselves, they are varied enough and all control fairly well (maybe with the exception of the canoe which, while I got it fine, one of my friends had no idea what was going on).

So, Sonic is a nicely rounded package with a few niggles that bring it down ever so slightly. Expect a complete review soon.

Oh and it looks lovely.


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