Battlefront 3 to be developed by Free Radical.

March 5, 2007

If the UK Playstation World magazine is to be believed, Free Radical (creators of the Timesplitters franchise) will be developing the next Star Wars Battlefront game, as revealed by this article.

So, am I excited? Simply put, yes. The Timesplitter games were some of my favourite games of the last generation and the Battlefront idea is one of my favourite concepts in modern gaming. Don’t get me wrong, they were good fun, but I felt they lacked a certain ‘oomph’ that I need from an FPS, a certain ‘oomph’ that Battlefield has and Battlefront has not.

The main problem is the setting, the lasers in the Star Wars movies were not the most meaty sounding guns ever divised, but they always killed with a satisfying spark, but in the games they felt like pea shooters and on top of this the game felt incredibly slippy. However, Timesplitters games have always been big on design in terms of the guns feeling dangerous and the characters feeling like a presence in sync with the level.

So, a combination of the two would be brilliant. A Battlefront game that feels satisfyingly chunky would be one of the best online multiplayer games ever. And then there’s Free Radical’s penchant for customisation in multiplayer games from settings to custom map editors.

Oh and don’t forget the extra power of the 360, hopefully we can break the 32 player count.


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