PS3 Home, my take.

March 7, 2007

Don’t know what Home is? Check out this article.

So, now that you know about Sony’s major online plan, what do you think? At first I was dumbfounded by the prospect but the more I’ve run it over in my mind, the more level-headed I’ve become about the entire system, and I’ve collected those thoughts here.

First of all, the idea of simply having your own online space is something everyone likes, if you use Myspace, Bebo, Facebook or any of those community sites then you are already into the whole idea of owning personal online space, and this is the key concept that Home is developing. So yes, it is a glorified space but the level of customisation is such that it will be possible to make something truly unique, which is the best thing about it in my opinion. The best part of this customisation is the way you can use your photo’s, videos and MP3’s in your room and while this is awesome, the prospect for going to someone’s room and seeing something you really didn’t want to see scares me…

And what about those avatars? These are probably my main issue with Home because, well, who is going to faithfully recreate their personality in all honesty? Everyone is going to make a personal Adonis with which to flirt with the females (that could really be fat bearded men) and I think it will be a bit boring. I like the Wii’s Mii system because they are purposefully disproportioned, this leads to people creating amusing but faithful attempts at a digital avatar.

However, I can see this being a nice feature when your bored of playing a game with some friends and you just want a chat by lounging around in your personal room, but the one thing I don’t see taking off is the ability to find people around Home to play games with. To be honest, if you wanted to play a game like, say, Resistance then you would put that in and use the matchmaking instead of going on Home, standing in the public lobby and shouting ‘Anyone for Resistance?’ It would be like walking into a nightclub and asking if anyone wants to go play a console with you, if they are out then they want to be there and maybe play pool in the way someone who has booted up Home probably wants to chat with friends and maybe play the mini games within that, because they aren’t playing Resistance then chances are they will not want to with a random person they have just met.

I could talk about this for much longer but I’ve said enough for now, ultimately the core concept is Habbo Hotel but taken to the extreme next level and it could be a fun diversion. However, I don’t see it as the thing that will make people buy a PS3, more of a nice feature if they have one.

Because hey, it’s free, and that’s the reason why you can’t really complain.


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