Eiji Aonuma on the Zelda Franchise.

March 9, 2007

I just read this article on IGN, it is a short interview with Eiji Aonuma about the Zelda franchise. While it would have been great if Matt could have done some real games journalism and asked about Phantom Hourglass or some in depth questions concerning Aonuma’s plans for the franchise or about Miyamoto san’s opinion on Twilight Princess but there are some interesting tid bits in the article none the less.

First thing I noted was his comment on future Wii games (and considering this is in the context of Zelda, future Zelda games) will feature deeper controls, this potentially means one to one sword swinging Link could be possible in the future. Or maybe some exciting new weapons tailored for Wii mote puzzling? Who knows, but it came from the horse’s mouth.

Secondly, the graphical comment. At least we now know that the Wii version of Twilight Princess was not touched up at all, and after the new Mario Galaxy footage I cannot wait to see what the Zelda tea can produce for the next adventure. But perhaps more importantly… Which visual style? My bets are on realistic, but will they be more stylised?

As for orchestrated music? That’s a good sign, and voice acting? I’m not fussed either way in Zelda.


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