No More Heroes GDC trailer.

March 10, 2007

Check out the latest trailer for No More Heroes from the Games Developers Conferance, and believe.

The game is looking brilliant, the visuals are nicely stylised and, as such, look really nice running on the Wii. Not only do the visuals look good, the fights look fast and exciting as well. While shaking the controller may get annoying, I have a feeling that it will add some strategy to longer fights which will require you to duck out and charge up. Also, it looks like the fighting involves QTE’s, which I’m all for. Oh and a combo meter, good good, I always like going for massive combo’s in fighting games.

Also, the gore levels looks suitably manga and will help to make those kills all the more satisfying.

Not only that, the bike slide looked awesome and hopefully the game will be full of techniques like that.

All this plus the game looks insane with all the freaky real pictures, the slot machine when killing. So yea, cannot wait.

Suda 51 is a genius.


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