March 22, 2007

Well, just got back in from seeing 300 and so I consider it relevant to post my impressions.

I enjoyed the film, to an extent. I have to say that the combat was superb, it was pleasingly gory and stylised brilliantly, the method of using slow down and fast forward gave it a very comic esque feel, as if you were looking from one pane to the next. Couple this with the very comic styled blood, s well as some severed limbs, and the combat felt good and was brilliant to watch. Not only this, but it all felt fairly large, and some of the coreography was brilliant.

So, while the combat was ace, my main gripe with the film was with King Leonidas… At times he was the Spartan leader (wreaking annoyingly of Russel Crowe in Gladiator) and then at other times he would slip into a jokey feel, which was quite jarring for me as a viewer. Not only that, but his jokey language was very removed from the proper gusto of Sparta.

The film did get the feel of the comic very well, the overly glossy feel of the film pronounced features, giving across the feeling of a comic, but also giving the Spartans a very clean feel. The wierd and wonderful creations of Frank Miller were brought to the screen successfully, and give the film a very fantastical feel.

So, I enjoyed the film, but not everything seemed to gel. If you can see it, then sure go ahead. But I wouldn’ttell you to go out of your way to do so.


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