Live Arcade: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

March 24, 2007

I’ve heard people saying this game is rubbish, saying that it has ruined their memories by playing it again, saying that it is overly simple. But have to say that, at 400 points (a paltry couple of pounds) is it really that bad?

Sure, it s insanely simple (one attack button, one jump button and moving) but is that bad? I see Live arcade as secondary to main 360 games, and having a simple brawler on the list is a perfect way to spend ten minutes in my opinion. At first I thought the game was overly unfair but after extended play there is an element of strategy to boss encounters and levels can be learned.

All this and you can blast through the game with four players over live or locally, which is a good bit of fun.

In my opinion, while Turtles may be a bit… Well, very shallow, it is ultimetly a worthy bit of fun for the money it costs and as a live arcade game it sits nicely as a time waster on your hard drive, there’s no reason to be saying that you feel cheated or that your childhood is detroyed.


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