GTA IV trailer opinions.

March 29, 2007

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out on Gametrailers.

So naturally, it all looks very pretty. I love the diverse environments, from the rolloercoaster to the residential area, to the main streets, to the train station. It’s obvious that this game will have a number of distinct areas to visit.

I love the fact there are a number of interior areas being displayed already, such as the interior of what I could assume is a museum of sorts (the large glass dome) as well as the train station, and they look lovely. As for the pedestrians, they look good enough that you can look at one individual and not be put out, while a crowd will look very good, in much the same way it was in Dead Rising.

The buildings look as though they have loads of detail to them, and there are adverts everywhere (The Sprunk ad particularly caught my eye as a past referance).

and the main character, he’s Russian which is a pretty cool change and sounds like a new upstart to the city of GTA IV (typical stuff then).

So, the location, I would say it’s Liberty city with the bells and whistles from the new generation of consoles, which enables such monuments as the statue of Liberty and the Empire States Building to be included. Other hints are the number of times Liberty is shown on building (and on the back of the boat) during the trailer. While this may seem cheap, I welcome the move back to a dense city after San Andreas, in which I found the hills and desert to be pretty barren.

My few last coments: It looks far more vibrant and alive than Saint’s Row (it’s closest rival) and there are birds! Hunting season is open.

So yea… Roll on October.


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