Mario and Sonic… At the Olympic Games?

March 29, 2007

It’s true, Mario and Sonic are set to square off on the running track, wielding javelin and jumping long distances in Nintendo’s winter release as can be seen here.

My first thoughts? Why not Wii Olympics. Why isn’t this game a pseudo Wii Sports sequel where we incorporate our Mii’s into Olympic events, it would suit the ‘new gamer’ generation better than pitching gamings greatest mascots against each other. But in all honesty this could be fun, as long as the games are fun with the wii mote and not simple affairs that will be boring after one or two tries. Of course, by saying the game could be fun I’m sidestepping the whole point that is at argument here, it’s Mario and Sonic competing at sports! And that isn’t really fair is it…

Sonic can run fast (at least over long distances, his accelaration isn’t what it once was) but Mario is the superior jumper and thrower. If we look at basic facts, the competitions will be clear cut. And as such, if the game is going to be fair, the characters will merely be avatars which will allow fan boys to cease the arguments.

But what is the more interesting angle on this announcement? Simply that SEGA are no longer abashed at the thought of Sonic appearing alongside Mario, and as such a Smash Bros appearance seems more likely than ever…

Oh well, with the ‘Mario and Sonic’ title alongside official status with the ‘Beijing 2008’ olympics logo emblazoned above the title, it is sure to be well advertised throughout the Olympics and as such I believe the game will do well… Here’s hoping the next Mario and Sonic announcement allows them to truly settle the score…


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