Resident Evil Wii.

April 6, 2007

So, I’m sure by now everyone has had time to digest the news about Resident Evil 4 coming to Wii, and the new information about Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicals.

So here I present you with a movie for UC: here. It required the latest flash player but there it is.

I have to say that… It looks good, to think that all that was prerendered on the Gamecube, and they have it looking just as good in real 3D on the Wii. So yea, it’s just a lightgun shooter, but what’s wrong with that? House of the Dead is always a bit of fun and to have that type of gameplay all resied up is only a good thing as I really like the story of resi, and this game will be filling in plot details. From the trailer, the emphasis on two characters appears obvious, whether this is to provide a definitive story to each game of if this is an early hint at two player co op remains to be seen.

As for Resi 4 Wii? I can’t wait, I think Resident Evil 4 is fantastic and I have wanted to play through the PS2 stuff for a while, but to be able to do it with Wii controls should sweeten the deal.

So, Resi 4 in Summer and UC in Autumn in the states, hopefully we won’t be waiting too long, because I’m really up for some Wii enhanced Resi right about now.


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