360 Elite. My Take.

April 8, 2007

Naturally, there isn’t much to say about this piece of kit that hasn’t already been said, but regardless of this fact, I want to take my opinions down on paper (on web space).

So, it’s black. My main problem with this is the type of black, it uses a bold mat black colout which all looks overly plastick. Do I prefer it to the white? Yes, but it still plays the same games, and as such I’ll robably be grabbing an elite controller (assuming they will be sold seperately). One thing I think however, is that the green lights probably look dang nice against the black.

As for HDMI support… Great, if that’s your thing. As I’ve said on multiple occasions, I don’t have a HD TV and thus have no intentions of worrying myself with these technical aspects of consoles. If your big into your televisions and HD types, then I’m sure this news has you loving microsoft as, in my understanding, HDMI is better than 1080p or whatever.

So then, the main clincher, that 120 GB hard drive. This I wouldn’t mind, 20 GB is a startlingly small amount of space considering the amount Microsoft allow you to download between videos, music, arcade titles and game content. In all honesty, the basic hard drive should have been bigger than 20 GB, but I guess Microsoft were waiting for the PS3 to release with 60 GB so they could outperorm them by doubling their space.

And there we go, one thing I’m indifferent about, one I don’t care and one I think is a major improvement. So, I won’t be buying an Elite, but I will be getting a new controller and bigger Hard Drive, but I don’t need a full elite.


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