Gears of War: Annex impressions.

April 9, 2007

So, the new gametype for Gears of War is now live and I’ve put in a good hour or more since receiving the update, so I think I can give my opinions.

For those who don’t know, Annex is based around reaching a point on the map and holding it, much in the manner of another games king of hill. What Annes also brings to Gears are respawns, timed in the manner of a battlefield game but new to Gears none the less.

I am actually quite impressed at how this simple gametype changes the dynamic of Gears of War, normally based arond quick skirmish’s and the all important shotgun kill, you are now relaying hill location/enemy location/vital weapon pickups with more urgency as every second is vital, and it is possible to win even if you all die in the first ten seconds. And that is the important thing about Annex, unlike all the other Gears gametypes where the kill was all that mattered, you are now focused on the hill and what is stopping you from occupying that space. I’ve had far more cover shootouts and crucial information from teammates in this gamemode than I had before.

And that’s the main thing, Annex feels faster than before and this is probably due to the objective based play. So while it is simply king of the hill, it totally changes the feel of Gears and makes a welcome addition to what was already an ace live game.


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