Boom Boom Rocket (XBLA)

April 11, 2007

Ok, so it was either a big mistake that this was released this week or it was the biggest slip in release scheduling ever, because just after Guitar Hero 2 has made it’s debut on Microsofts system this nice rhythm action game has appeared on arcade for 800 points. Either, people are going to be big into rhythm action right now and get it on the back of this, or people will be tired of it after shlling out on the far more expense retail game that is Guitar Hero 2.

But what is Boom Boom’s draw? The game is a simply rhythm action game which uses either the face buttons or D Pad on the 360 controller which you tap in time to the music (the game contains ten tracks, all of which are modern ‘variations’ on classical tunes, some work and some really don’t). The camera is panning around a city scape and you press the corresponding buttons as they meet a line about three quarters up the screen, where they explode. They are fireworks ya see.

So that is really all there is to Boom Boom, you also activate a times sixteen multiplyer if you can combo for long enough, which rakes in massive scores,  and also looks mightily ipressive. And that is the main draw of Boom Boom, if your doing well it looks good, and you hear the cheers of the invisible spectators to your fireworks display.

The single player comes in two variations, standard which will see you playing through a song from start to finish, but the other mode is far more interesting and that is the endurance mode. In this mode, the tracks loop at the end and are constantly speeding up, these games can go on for as long as ten minutes or longer, and allow you to show off your prowess, as well as having a really good looking fireworks display on your TV.

The game also has a freestyle mode, but that is pretty pointless, and it has a fireworks visualiser which you can use with your own music, the fireworks match the bass and it looks quite nice. The freestyle mode is rubbish, but the visualiser is a nice extra. The multiplayer is sadly not live enabled, but online leaderboards provide enough competitive entertainment.

So yes, it is worth the 800 points and should not be overlooked just because you want to play your plastic guitar, it’s a fun little rhythm action game in its own right. And hey, when you fail Jordan on expert for the umteenth time, and accidently snap the guitar you will always have this for that fix of rhythm game.


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