Earth Defence Force 2017!

April 17, 2007

I thought I’d write a post about this game as I consider it an underappreciated gem.

I was enjoying the game as a single player thing but then I got a second person to jump in from level 21 to the end and I have to say it’s freaking awesome with two people! We finished it on normal and I’m doing the game through on easy for the achievement and so that me and my friend have more health to tackle hard mode with.

Yes the game feels tacky and loose, but the weapons are really varied and the swarms of enemies that attack you are brilliant fun to dispose of in such massive numbers with a big gun. Ultra violence is certainly for the win.

The way the game is structured also feels great, by playing through each difficulty the game builds you up to the next with more health and bigger and better weapons, which gives the gae a reallygood pace. On higher difficulties you also have to get more intelligent about weapon use, which is a good thing.

I mean seriously, this is a B movie amoung games, but as with watching a B movie there is a guilty pleasure amoungst the sheer simplicity, from the visuals to the way it plays. But in this simplicity it is a breath of fresh air amoung the clutter of new age FPS when all you want to do is have fun. Watch some videos, if you think it looks good then give the game a spin (It’s only £25), it’s a nice time waster to have on your shelf.


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