Coming at ya like a chipmunk.

November 11, 2007

Yep, I’ve decided to start blogging again.

Daily? Weekly? Yearly!? I don’t know yet, I’ll see how it goes for a week at least. I would like to say I will update regularly, but if I don’t make any promises, I can’t disappoint anyone can I? At least that’s how I look at it.

So yea, my main aim will be to make this blog a little more personal than I did, I write a small numberof vaguely professional features/previews/reviews for http://www.dpad-magazine.com and so I’m looking to this blog as a more personal, chatty release for myself.

It will still be focused on games, but I will try and bring more to the blog. How true tat comment is, remains to be seen. I also hope to do more creative things such as audio of video casts, thanks to the wonderful internet these shoul be totally possible.

And yes, the fact that we are in the middle (well, nearing the end of) such a bountiful gaming harvest means that I should have a lot to talk about!

Hopefully speak to you soon, if I remember to update.



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