An apology to Assassin’s Creed.

November 15, 2007

Dear Assassin’s Creed

I’m really sorry Altair, you see, I kind of got Mario Galaxy on the same day as you and lets just say that he shows you up. I thought I could alternate between the games comfortably but it really doesn’t work. Mario Galaxy is bright, happy, immensly solid and extremly diverse. While your, quite samely. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really liked what I have played of you, it’s just, Mario is such a good game, it makes most games pale in comparison to its sheer creativeness.

I will return to you and give you a fair chance in due time, just don’t feel disheartened if I run off to play Galaxy, it’s just one of the best games ever, and your going to have to live with that.

Yours faithfully



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