Assassin’s Creed. Go away :'(.

November 22, 2007

So I was happily playing Assassin’s Creed today, when I come to a section near the end of the game, and what should happen but I fall through the floor. Upon falling through the floor I die, and respawn back at my last checkpoint, when standing in front of me is a second Altair that also responds to my controller input.

Now, dual assassin death on its own is a cool prospect, and so I persevered with two Altairs. However, I soon learned that it was nigh on impossible to navigate the section due to a dodgy camera and a tendancy for the game to switch which Altair I was controlling on every pull of the left trigger.

So, naturally, I booted up my last save point by exiting the game and reloading. Imagine my horror when I fall down the game world for the second time, and the same glitch initiates. This happened roughly six times before I gave up, turned off the xbox and did something else for a few hours.

Upon returning to the xbox several ours later, I did so in the hope that the problem would be foxed. But alas, the problem persisted. And now I can’t finish the game. Great.

I really don’t want to play from the start, and I really hope it isn’t a problem with my disc, but right now I’m not in a good mood with Assassin’s Creed.  And it’s a real shame, because I wanted to find out the story.


One comment

  1. Sounds like you could solve the problem by not falling down in the first place.

    Though having subjected myself to Alone In The Dark 5 for more sessions than it deserves out of some masochistic urge, I do tend to agree that some games are evidently in need of more testers and quicker patches.

    Ideally they just wouldn’t be broken in the first place, but I – to quote the inestimable Mr. Threepwood – might as well wish for some chicken and a big mug of grog for all the good it’ll do me.

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