So… Guitar Hero 3.

November 28, 2007

I’ve been playing quite a lot of Guitar Hero 3 over the past few days and… Well… There’s something not quite right about it.

After discussing it with one of my friends I think we have come up with the key things that Neversoft got wrong with their iteration in the franchise, and they are as follows;

-Character designs – seriously speaking here, there is no cohesion between the character designs at all, when I first saw the lead singer I thought ‘Oh right, they have gone for a more exaggerated graphical style this time, that’s fine’ But then I laid eyes upon dirty old man Izzy Sparks and suddenly realised that the character designs just don’t gel at all. ‘Shark Mouth’ lead singer is using this completly over the top graphical style while others are going for colourful realism, next time it might be an idea to assign one person to character design.

-Song selection – When I was playing Guitar Hero 1 and 2, it was mostly a case of ‘I don’t know this song, Oh actually that was good to play’ or ‘that band has done better songs than this, oh wait, that was actually very fun to play’. In contrast, Guitar Hero 3 has been a lot of ‘I know this song! It’s awesome! Oh wait, that actually wasn’t that fun to play’. Of course, this is a sweeping generalisation, the classic Guitar Heroes had some duff tracks and 3 has some very fun tracks but on the whole, GH 1 and 2 were full of tracks Harmonix gave us because they knew they were fun to play, while GH 3 is full of songs people wanted to play while in actual fact, they are awesome songs to listen to but not that fun to play on GH.
– Les Paul – squishy buttons and a neck that moves under the force of expert level play does not replace the X-plorer in my heart.

– Songs that don’t feel right… – This one is up for debate, but some of the sections in the GH 3 tracks just don’t feel ‘right’. I would be very interested to see, for instance, how Harmonix’s version of lead guitar on ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ in Rock Band differs from that of Neversofts.

At the end of the day, GH 3 is a fun rhythm action game, but it’s far from being the best in the series as Eurogamer has said. Roll on Rock Band.


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