Omega Five (XBLA)

January 17, 2008

It’s not often I buy a live arcade after already deleting it, but I downloaded the trial for this game once and thought it was distinctly ‘meh’.

Then, through the week I noticed more and more people on my friends list dipping into it so I decided to try it again, and I don’t know if I got a better weapon, or I did something special but I suddenly decided that it wasn’t so bad, and grabbed the full game.

Now, I like these types of games, hard, full of enemies, risk reward filled and with bosses big enough to give BFG a heart attack. The David and Goliath feel of beating these games down is amazing. And this one doesn’t look too shabby either.

I guess the real problem I had with my first attempt is that I actually concerned myself with the story mumbo jumbo, which by now I should know is totally nonsensical in this type of game, and I also launched in without reading either the controls or the gimmicks.

However today when I tried it I started to appreciate the way I have to collect the little gems to build up my massive attack, and I realised how awesome the Geometry Wars approved dual stick control is for a scrolling shooter, and after buying it I was able to appreciate the brilliant later levels.

Also, the weapon selection isn’t bad, the massive attacks are impressive and it contains local multiplayer, which I can’t wait to give a blast.

If you like old school scrolling shooters, I think Omega Five is well worth a look, you’ll also be supporting a game that was developed by a mere five people, and that’s awesome in its self.


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